Pat comes from a pastor’s home and grew up surrounded by ministry and church work. After he gave his life to Christ and became a serious follower of Jesus Christ at the age of 15, he knew he would be in preaching ministry.

For over 40 years Pat & Carol have served in evangelism and conference work, staff ministry in two churches and lead pastoral couple in three churches, most recently coming from Asheville, North Carolina in March 2016. They have done extensive missions ministry in Uganda, Botswana, Honduras, Peru, and Paraguay and ministered throughout Europe and the United States.

Pat and Carol were high school sweethearts and have two sons married to awesome daughters-in-law. They have five grandchildren, ranging from age 6 to 13.

They love to hike, fish and boat, as well as scuba dive. You will find Pat & Carol out in the foyer after most every service ready to meet and greet guests and church families.