Jr. High (Fusion)


Thursdays @ 6:30 PM

All students Grade 6 – 8 are invited to be part of Fusion. At Fusion we spend time playing organized games, learning through a teaching time and eating snacks. Fusion is defined as the merging of different elements into a simultaneous release of energy, and we certainly see this each evening we’re together.

  There is energy released as we play interactive games, working together in teams and creatively coming up with solutions to puzzles or activities.

  During our teaching time there is the merging of ideas, perspectives and critical thinking. New energy forms as both students and volunteers learn from each other.

Fusion is a place where students can learn about God’s amazing love and be challenged to live out their faith in everyday life. We believe that Jr. High students are able to make a difference in their homes and schools right now, not just in adulthood. We aim to provide them with a safe place to learn skills and knowledge needed to be strong leaders and Christ followers in our society today.

Jr. High Sunday School

Sundays @ 9:30 AM

Every Sunday during the school year the Jr. High students are welcome to attend Sunday School. Throughout this time the Jr. Highs are encouraged to focus in on God’s word and discuss topics that are relevant to their lives. Our aim through this program is to help Jr. High students deepen their faith and strengthen their relationship with Christ.

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