Who We Are

“We seek to be a community of faith that follows the
teaching of Jesus and spur one another to love God
and others more deeply.”

We are a group of people who share a personal experience of God’s saving grace and long for others to experience the same thing. We are part of a wider church family called the Brethren in Christ. We take the Bible seriously as our guide for life and we believe in living out it’s teachings daily through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We work to provide great programs for people of all ages. We strive to create Sunday morning worship services that will stir your heart toward God in a style that celebrates music of the past and present. We work towards establishing a strong community – we love to get together, pray together, eat together, have fun together, and care for one another. We are a people who love Jesus and strive to follow Him in our daily lives.

Our goal is to be the kind of church described in the Bible – a church with relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, genuine love, prayer, and compassion. We look for fresh ways to enthusiastically share Jesus’ love with our friends and neighbours. We want everyone to experience the love of Jesus Christ for themselves.

So whether you’re a person investigating the Christian faith, someone who used to go to church and is considering starting over, or a committed Christ-follower who wants to sink the roots of your faith in even deeper, you can find a home here at Wainfleet BIC.