Our History

Our church was established in the community of Wainfleet over 125 years ago. In the early days we met in homes until a meeting house was built on the corner of Highway #3 and Perry Road where we still are today. We have grown over the years and have a wide ministry gathering people from across the southern and central Niagara Peninsula and eastern Haldimand regions.

Our church is also part of a wider network of churches called the Brethren In Christ (BIC for short) that exists in over 20 countries of the world. “Brethren” (historic not gender related) refers to the value we place on connection and loving each other. Our theological roots lie in the Anabaptist, Pietist and Wesleyan Holiness traditions with the goodness of each of these “streams” shaping who we are today. We believe in peace, having a heartfelt relationship with Christ, and that the “normal” Christian life is one of ongoing growth through the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. What got started as a small group over 200 years ago has grown to a fellowship of churches across North America and in 20 countries around the world.

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