Sundays @ 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Ages 3 – SK

KNGDM KIDS 3 – SK  is our Sunday School program for our preschool and kindergarten children (age 3 – SK). The program is constructed to meet preschoolers where they are cognitive, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Each week the children engage in songs, activities, games and crafts that help them to learn about God’s word.

KNGDM KIDS focuses on a Big Idea for an entire month that looks at stories in the Bible, where they fit into the full narrative of the Bible, and where they as people fit into God’s Story. Through KNGDM KIDS our goal is to give our 3s – 5s a deeper understanding of God, the Bible and the life we are called to live as Christians.

Here at Wainfleet BIC, we place high value on partnering with families and helping them with their child’s faith development. Each week children will have an Our Story discussion card for parents to continue to talk with their children about what they are learning on Sunday mornings. 

We hope you will allow your child to be part of this exciting time of learning, playing, exploring and growing together!

If you would like more information, contact Natalie Reinhardt.