Care Groups

Care Groups

Vibrant Care Groups are an indispensable part of the Wainfleet Brethren in Christ Church, and we are encouraged how this ministry has developed into a vital, exciting way for people to become an integral part of our church family. The Care Groups provide a safe space for people to get to know one another well, and to support one another as they live their lives and follow Jesus.

Care Groups comprised of approximately 8-15 people typically meet once a month for a group activity in homes, a restaurant or at the church. This time often includes some food, hearing how everyone is doing, lessons from the Bible and prayer. Members of Care Groups are encouraged to be in touch with one another more frequently, supporting each other during the week and especially when difficulties arise in member’s lives.

We believe that being part of a Care Group is a key aspect to individuals experiencing the fullness of the Christian life and for our church family to flourish and grow.

If you have questions, want find out how you might join a Care Group, or to let us know that you’re interested in starting one, please contact Pastor Trevor either by calling the church office or emailing him directly at

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